As an insurance agency the Revolt Healthcare Alliance offers the most benefit-rich health indemnity plan available in the United States. We have over 253 agents serving individuals, families, the self-employed and small businesses in over 35 states.

Revolt Healthcare Concierge protects its clients from predatory billing practices with services that include negotiating surprise bills, claim filing, EOB reviews, pre-planning and pre-pricing of procedures, labs, images, prescriptions, and coordination of care for complex medical issues. Find more information.

REVOS Technology is the Revolt Vanguard Operating System that powers the Revolt Healthcare Alliance. Technology solutions include custom CRM capabilities including lead generation, custom marketing, marketing support, reporting and analytics, and step-by-step customer journeys for both sales and agent recruiting, onboarding and training.  Find more information.

Revolt University is the Revolt Healthcare Alliance premiere Learning Management System designed to help both new and veteran agents build their businesses. With a minimum of only four, 1-hour trainings, we've helped hundreds of agents hit the ground running who have in turn helped thousands of clients save millions of dollars in monthly health insurance premiums.

we believe in

  1. Transparency: on pricing and the actual benefits and coverage of our plans
  2. Client Relationships: on-going support for our clients, all year long to help with their benefit utilization
  3. Affordable Access: securing access to affordable solutions other than major medical
  4. Activism/Education: providing information and tools to empower our clients to take control of their healthcare spending
  5. Family: families have enough relational and financial challenges, without adding stressful healthcare costs to the list. We want to put as much money back into family's checkbooks as we can.
  6. Strategic Alliances: we believe in partnerships because we want allies to accomplish change on national level.

Our founders story

“My name is Mark and I worked for the third largest health insurance company in the U.S. healthcare system for eight years.


As an employee of that company I was provided a "major medical" high deductible health plan that required me to pay the first $3000 of my medical costs before I could ever even use my health insurance. I'm fairly healthy and I never met my deductible. So other than an annual wellness exam I never really got to use my insurance. But in my seventh year of employment, I experienced a nagging and debilitating shoulder injury that required so much medical attention that I actually met my deductible that year. I had finally paid more than $3000 and when I discovered I had met my deductible I was excited and relieved. My doctor had been telling me I needed a MRI and now that I had met my deductible I would finally be able to use my insurance...or so I thought.


In my time of need, after seven years of meeting my financial obligations to this major medical insurance company, I was denied coverage for a $400 MRI. I was denied coverage because my doctor did not turn in documentation outlining, I had first used ice, took anti-inflammatories, and tried stretching, which are all things that I had done.


During those seven years I worked for them I paid over $23,000 in premiums and received little to no benefits. Meanwhile, on a very personal level, my best friend Gary got diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer. But Gary didn't have major medical insurance (The Affordable Care Act). Gary had said "I'm done" with major medical. My friend Ben Jones, and co-founder of Revolt Healthcare Alliance, had sold Gary a health indemnity plan, which worried me because I'd never heard of a health indemnity plan. I didn't know what that was and whether or not he was going to get the coverage he needed.


But it turns out Gary's indemnity plan was better than my major medical plan. Not only that, but his insurance company, based in Houston Texas, operates with integrity and honors their financial obligations to their clients who become ill. I know this because having been a part of Gary's caregiving in the final months of his life, I got to observe firsthand how health indemnity plans work.


Gary had only made THREE months of premium payments to this insurance company before being diagnosed with cancer. Yet, this company not only paid their portion of his medical bills, but actually gave Gary what's called the "excess indemnity". You see, with an indemnity plan, the insurance company is required to give the patient any money that's left over from unused benefits. This company gave my dying friend more than $59,000 worth of excess indemnity checks even though Gary had only paid THREE months’ worth of premiums. Philadelphia American was there for my friend at his most vulnerable time.


In the months after Gary's passing, I started doing as much research as I could on indemnity plans as well as the overall US healthcare system and came to the conclusion that the next journey in my life would be advocating for and helping educate individuals, families and corporations on how to get more affordable, and better, healthcare coverage through indemnity plans.


So based on these experiences and many other personal healthcare stories we heard from individuals like you, Ben Jones and I have created The Revolt Healthcare Alliance. And we voluntarily fully disclose that our agents earn commissions every time one of you joins the revolt by switching from major medical to a health indemnity plan. And that's something we take pride in.


With all that being said we hope you find our website not only informative, but also inspiring to the degree that you will take control of your healthcare costs and begin to lower them by using some of the tools and resources we've made available. We also hope that you prosper in health.”

Mark & Ben