Benton M Jones, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Revolt Healthcare Alliance

Benton M. Jones

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Ben Jones co-founded and became a Managing Partner of Revolt Healthcare Alliance in 2020 in order to specialize in the health indemnity space after years of seeing and experiencing the predatory nature and un-reliability of major medical policies being sold in the US healthcare system.

As a Managing Partner Ben has been instrumental in the company’s hypergrowth devising a highly successful agent recruiting strategy that has yielded 290 agents in less than 3 years’ time resulting in over $10M in annual premium sales. In addition to agent recruiting, Ben drives premium production through agent and product training. He also built and manages the company’s world class white glove healthcare concierge business unit which led to an increase in persistency by 17%.

Prior to co-founding Revolt Healthcare Alliance, Jones owned and operated an auto dealership in Dallas, Texas for four years before transitioning to the health insurance industry where he quickly became a top producer for Blue Cross Blue Shield having built two call centers in Texas and Missouri that generated $38M in annual premium in 6 weeks’ time.

In his free time Ben trains and competes in the combat sport of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


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