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The Complete Guide to COBRA - Top 7 Questions Answered by Revolt Healthcare Alliance Frisco, TX

When you leave a job (or are let-go from a position), it’s important to make sure you have adequate, affordable health

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2 Best Ways To Save Money On Your Healthcare Costs

A Recent Study By Policy Genius Uncovered The Fact That Americans Have A Low Level Of Confidence When It Comes

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18 Steps To Fight A Surprise Medical Bill

Beware Of Predatory Or “Surprise” Medical Bills When patients are responsible and careful to pick in-network hospitals and doctors but

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Find Affordable Surgery Centers Nationwide

Stop Doing Business with Hospitals and Surgery Centers who are not transparent with their pricing. Affordable surgery centers can be

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Pre-Priced knee surgery and saved big!

When Tyler’s* Doctor recommended knee surgery, his parents were shocked by the $52,000 estimate they received – and rightfully so,

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Hysterectomy Surgery received $3,200 Back

Sandy* originally reached out to the Concierge service inquiring about how much she could expect to be reimbursed for a

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$2,200 cash back for Colonoscopy Tests

Revolt Healthcare Concierge Service helped Juli from Dallas, Texas, receive $2,200 cash-back from her and her husbands Colonoscopy tests! Here’s

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NEW TRS Health Plan Alternative

When Sarah,* a teacher living in Carrolton, TX, enrolled in her TRS Healthcare plan (Teachers Healthcare Plan), she was shocked

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Stump Podcast Feature

Revolt Healthcare Alliance Co-Founder, Mark Geiger, Featured Guest on “100% ON Not IN Your Business” Podcast with Steve Stump  

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Free Health Insurance Shopping Checklist by Revolt Healthcare Alliance Frisco, Texas

Health Insurance Shopping
Guide + Checklist

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