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choose the cost & coverage that is right for you!
This Flexibility Makes our plan an affordable Private health insurance option for individuals, families, entrepreneurs, teachers, small businesses, and more...

choose the cost & coverage
that is right for you!

$0 Co-Pays + Benefits You’ll Actually USE

Smiling doctors together, choose any doctor in ppo network or out of network

True PPO Plan

Choose in-network doctors for a
discount OR choose ANY doctor...
Use one of the LARGEST networks in the country to recieve a discount on your medical care
OR see any doctor you’d like!

Our plan will pay your FULL BENEFIT even if your provider is out-of-network.

Your plan benefits also travel with you; so you can use your plan nationwide!
Lyric telemedicine

Free telemedicine

Enjoy easy access to medical care
anywhere, anytime...
With our HSP Gold Plan, you’ll enjoy free enrollment in Lyric Health Telemedicine services.

Talk to a doctor, specialist, or medical expert anywhere you are by phone or video - all completely free!
Smiling Concierge specialist

Concierge Membership

Claims filing, surprise bill negotiation, procedure pricing, and more!
This exclusive membership is offered to Revolt Healthcare clients only.

Our concierge team makes using your benefits easy with services like:

  • Surprise bill negotiation
  • Claims filing
  • Finding in-network doctors
  • Pre-pricing procedures

The Perfect Blend Of Cost & Coverage:

Our Comprehensive 4 Plan Bundle

Circle graph illustrating how our comprehensive 4 Plan Bundle works together for the perfect balance of cost and healthcare coverage
The Healthcare Plan highlighted on the 4 plan bundle circle graph, illustrating how this bas plan provides the main coverage for most healthcare needs

1. The Healthcare Plan

This Healthcare Plan is your base plan and includes coverage for: preventative care, doctor visits, hospitalization, surgery, cancer, prescriptions, labs, x-rays, MRIs, and more.

The base-cost of this plan is based on your age, smoking status, and general health. The healthier you are, the greater your savings.

There is a short application process to see if you qualify for this plan. (a few disqualifiers would be pregnancy, recent heart attack, or stroke)

The Accident plan offers additional financial protection, should you be injured in an accident.

2. The Accident Plan

The Accident plan offers additional financial protection, should you be injured in an accident.

27% of all emergency room visits are due to accidents. This plan will pay up to an additional $4,000 on top of your base healthcare plan. Many people use this part of the bundle to help cover their deductible.

It also comes with a $100,000 accidental death benefit.

Critical Illness Plan highlighted on the 4 plan bundle circle graph, illustrating how this plan provides additional coverage in the event of a heart attack, stroke, or cancer

3. The Critical Illness Plan

The Critical Illness plan comes into play if something major happens: heart attack, stroke, or internal cancer. This is when you’ll need help paying bills the most.

On top of what the Healthcare Plan already pays, this plan will pay an additional $10,000 – $50,000 (you get to choose the amount).

This check comes addressed to you and you can use it however you need to – mortgage payments, car payments, utility payments, anything you need.

Specified disease plan highlighted on the 4 plan bundle circle graph, illustrating how this plan expands the PPO network for greater discounts and additional healthcare coverage

4. The Specified Disease Plan

The Specified Disease plan gives you access to an even larger PPO network than your base Healthcare plan and provide additional coverage for heart attack, stroke, cancer, lupus, and more.

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design your Private Health Insurance Plan

Choose from 3 benefit level plans:
  • Gold Value (One Unit)
  • Gold Plus (Two Unit)
  • Gold Preferred (Three Unit)
You get to choose the coverage level that is right for you. No more paying for excess coverage you don’t need!

Deductibles are ONLY applied to hospital stays over 24 hours, so if you enter the hospital at 8am and leave at 2am the next day, you do not have to pay your deductible. You can select your deductible from several options and use your preventative benefits, deductible-free!

This is a unique benefit that is paid for the 1st night you have to spend in the hospital. You can select amounts between $1,000 – $3,000. This benefit is typically used to offset the 24 hour hospitalization deductible, to further limit your out-of-pocket responsibility.

Fixed Benefit & Income Protection in action

Select a procedure and benefit to see how each provider responds:

You choose your provider, your plan will pay the same benefit amount, and write you a check for the difference:

*Tap each option below for more details.

The smarter you shop for your healthcare - the more you save!

with Your Concierge Membership
our experts help you shop for your healthcare

with Your Concierge Membership our experts
Pre-Price your healthcare

You’ll know how much your care will cost, before you go to the doctor

Protecting real people

Gary had only been on his new private health insurance plan for three months when he was diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer.

Facing such a difficult diagnosis, Gary’s family was deeply concerned about, not only his health, but the cost of treatment and the kinds of difficult decisions that lay ahead.

With his new health indemnity plan though, they discovered that Gary’s treatments were not only covered, but that Gary would receive over $59,000 in excess indemnity checks (pictured) to spend however he needed to as he battled cancer

Customers radiation treatment Excess Indemnity Check example, illustrating affordable health insurance with better benefits

Radiation Benefit Highlight

Free Health Insurance Shopping Checklist by Revolt Healthcare Alliance Frisco, Texas

Health Insurance Shopping
Guide + Checklist

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