Resources To Find Affordable Surgery Centers Nationwide

October 11, 2022


Find Affordable Surgery Centers Nationwide

Stop Doing Business with Hospitals and Surgery Centers who are not transparent with their pricing.
Affordable surgery centers can be found by shopping smart!

A basic practice in business is to let your customers know how much you charge. Healthcare should be no different. If your hospital won’t provide an estimate in advance that should be a warning sign.

The following surgery centers are exemplary when it comes to price transparency and cash friendly pricing.

Many times it’s actually cheaper to pay cash for a procedure than to pay the inflated insurance rates. Even if you have to incur travel costs it may be more affordable to travel to one of these locations for your next surgical procedure.

Full disclaimer, Revolt Healthcare Agency is not affiliated with any of these facilities nor do we receive any kind of financial compensation for recommending them.

Surgery Center of Oklahoma – Oklahoma City, OK

Forsyth Surgical Associates  – Winston Salem NC

Lonestar Surgery Center – West University Place (Houston), TX

No Insurance Surgery – Las Vegas, NV

Pacific Surgical Center – Longview, WA

QuikSurg –  Chattanooga, TX

Texas Free Market Surgery –  Austin, TX

Thyroid Surgery Center of Texas –Austin, TX

Tucson Medical Center – Tucson, AZ

Daytime Outpatient Surgical Center – Dallas, TX

Stony Point Surgery Center – Richmond, VA

Surgery without Medical Insurance – Bakersfield, CA

Ocean Surgery Center – Torrance, CA

Good Shepard Medical Center – Longview, TX

Oklahoma Heart Hospital – Oklahoma City, OK

Henry Ford Hospital – Detroit, MI

Regency Healthcare – New York City

Orthopedic Surgery Center of Orange County – Newport Beach, CA

Need help finding an affordable surgery center near you? Just reach out to our Concierge service!

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