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Visit the doctor and leave your cash at home, which makes this an incredibly affordable health insurance option!

Our plans let you start using your benefits day-one without a co-pay OR meeting a deductible, making this an extremely affordable health insurance option.

In fact, the only time a deductible would be applied is if you stayed a full 24 hours in the hospital and even then, you get to customize your deductible amount to fit your budget!

Will your doctor be in network? Most likely, YES!

Our Gold plan is part of the Multiplan PPO (one of the largest networks in the country) and covers: hospitalizations, surgeries, doctor visits, prevention, prescriptions, x-rays, MRI’s, lab’s, ER, Urgent Care, and MORE!

With our Custom Plans YOU’RE in control!

We offer many different kinds of plans: family, spouse, child-only, employee, accident, critical illness, and more!

Your licensed agent will help you select the options that are right for your healthcare needs and budget!

Protecting real people

Gary had only been on his new plan for three months when he was diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer.

Facing such a difficult diagnosis, Gary’s family was deeply concerned about, not only his health, but the cost of treatment and the kinds of difficult decisions that lay ahead.

With his new affordable health insurance plan though, they discovered that Gary’s treatments were not only covered, but that Gary would receive over $59,000 in excess indemnity checks (pictured) to spend however he needed to as he battled cancer

Customers radiation treatment Excess Indemnity Check example, illustrating affordable health insurance with better benefits

Radiation Benefit Highlight

Providing Real Savings

“We were paying nearly $1,300 per month for my family (of 5) to have health insurance through my wife’s teachers plan.

After switching myself and our 3 kids to a Healthcare Plan with Revolt, We’re only paying about $540 per month and my wife got to stay on her plan!

Being able to save over $700 a month ($8,400 per year!) and have better benefits, has been an absolute win-win for my family.

We have been amazed by our savings and coverage, and we’re so glad that we found this affordable health insurance option!”

-Matt, Financial Planner & Current Customer

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