How Sandy Received About $3,200 Back After Her Hysterectomy Surgery!

October 11, 2022


Hysterectomy Surgery received $3,200 Back

Sandy* originally reached out to the Concierge service inquiring about how much she could expect to be reimbursed for a hysterectomy surgery. Her provider had told her it would only be about $5,000.

After her Concierge Specialist contacted her provider, they discovered that her case was much more involved. She was going to require 3 different surgeons to perform 4 different procedures at the same time and there was only 1 facility in her city that could support this surgery.

It was estimated that the cost was going to be $44,360.84, (not the $5,000 her provider had told her). Her out of pocket would be anywhere from $21,000 – $32,000 and that is with her plan paying anywhere from $16,543.41 – $21,043.41, depending on her hospital stay duration.

Paris, Texas, doesn’t have many surgery facility options, so Sandy’s Concierge Specialist reached out to the Surgery Center of Oklahoma. They quoted $11,900 for the initial consultation, facility fee, surgeon fee, and anesthesia! The Surgery Center of Oklahoma offers a 23 hour observation period after surgery.

Due to the short observation period, her deductible would not even come into play and her healthcare plan would pay $5,000 for the facility alone, which brought her reimbursement rate to $15,146.75.

Bottom Line: Instead of Sandy having to pay $20,000-$30,000 out-of-pocket, she is actually going to make money on her hysterectomy surgery! Sandy will have her procedure COVERED and will RECEIVE $3,200!

Patients need to remember that healthcare prices vary WIDELY from facility to facility. Be sure to call the facility and get pricing up-front, to avoid huge bills afterward!

Revolt Healthcare Alliance clients can simply call our Concierge team to have this pre-pricing service done for them.

*Name was changed to protect privacy.

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