How We Made $2,200 Cash Back For A Colonoscopy Test!

October 11, 2022


$2,200 cash back for Colonoscopy Tests

Revolt Healthcare Concierge Service helped Juli from Dallas, Texas, receive $2,200 cash-back from her and her husbands Colonoscopy tests!

Here’s What Juli had to say:

“After I retired from my job in 2017, my husband and I went without health insurance, because Obamacare was so overpriced. Thankfully we’re both healthy, so we only paid out-of-pocket a handful of times when we did have to go to the doctor. But in late 2019, we called Mark at the Revolt Healthcare Alliance and he was able to get myself, my husband and our son on a great plan.

Our family plan costs about $640 per month for all three of us, but what we have received in return has far outweighed the cost and has benefited us greatly!

For example, in 2020, I had to get my 3 year colonoscopy (my mother died of colon cancer at 50, so I get them every 3 years now). My husband was due for his 5-year colonoscopy, so we scheduled a “double date” to get our procedures. I called Revolt’s Concierge Specialist, who explained exactly what to do and guided us through the process, and told us what we should expect to pay and what money we would get BACK, after our procedures. Yes, you read that correctly, we actually got money BACK after our colonoscopies!

The cash price of each colonoscopy was $2,000 which we paid because our Concierge specialist said that if we paid cash, instead of filing a claim, we would actually get money back. It was hard to believe but we trusted our agent, Mark, and his agency, that it would all work out the way they said it would.

After our procedures, we submitted our receipts and sure enough, within a few short weeks, we not only received the $4,000 back that we paid for the procedures, but we were also paid an additional $2,200 after the procedure, because it cost less than what our insurance benefit was!

I was actually paid for the ‘inconvenience’ of having polyps removed, ensuring less of a chance they would turn into cancer! That’s a win-win in my opinion! I have never been “paid” back anything after any type of procedure or doctor visit.

So not only do I recommend the insurance coverage, but also the great concierge service Revolt Healthcare Alliance provides! Each time we have any questions or issues, we call our agent, Mark or the Concierge service and we are always taken care of quickly and professionally.

After years of dealing with all of those “big” insurance companies, we feel so blessed to have found this policy and the Revolt Healthcare Alliance.”

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