Our Mission:

To safeguard the healthcare &
finances of families like yours

To safeguard the healthcare & finances of families like yours

With no price control or price transparency the health insurance industry has become a game, rigged to line the pockets of bureaucrats.

Behind the scenes of the US Healthcare system...

Across the U.S. there are wonderful and amazing healthcare professionals committed to their profession of caring for you. Unfortunately, behind the scenes, there are industry and government stakeholders who are undermining and exploiting the entire healthcare system for their own financial gain.

Insurance companies get huge discounts on hyper-inflated prices, while the average individual with no group insurance is charged an unregulated price and then sued and bankrupted when they cannot pay their medical bill.

the game

The U.S. Healthcare System is not broken.
It’s setup exactly the way the government wants it.

Step 1:
Tax Control

1943 Politicians enact IRS code allowing employers’ contributions to group health insurance policies to be exempt from taxation. 1954 Politicians enact IRS code taxing Individual health insurance policies. Tax benefit is now denied to you and given to employers.

Step 2: government
healthcare is born

Politicians pass the 1965 Medicare and Medicaid Bill and take away the financial responsibility for healthcare decisions of the elderly and poor… providing them UNLIMITED “free” healthcare with ZERO restriction on price.

Step 3: government
introduces price control

Politicians introduce managed care by restricting reimbursements.

In 1971 Congress passes law to limit payments to physicians and hospitals under the Relative Value Resource Based System (RVRBS).

Step 4: government
partners with business

Politicians pass the 1973 HMO Act that allows a FEDERAL GOVERNMENT program to promote and encourage participation in privately owned HMOs.

Step 5: one-size-fits-all insurance

Politicians give insurance companies, in essence, a “subsidy” with additional preferential tax treatment by allowing insurance companies to write ONE policy for THOUSANDS of people instead of one policy per person.

Step 6:
denied coverage begins

HMO’s require you to pay for a long list of routine benefits, whether the services are needed or wanted. HMOs are now “managing care,” withholding access to dollars and services through definitions of “medical necessity.” HMOs can keep millions of dollars from premium-paying patients. (Denying you coverage even though you paid your premium.)

Step 7: employers
forced to offer HMOs

Congress passes law forcing employers with 25 or more employees to offer HMOs as an option--a law that remained in effect until 1995

Step 8:
system in full swing

Health care is now organized in large groups by companies that hold millions of patient records and control literally hundreds of millions of health-care dollars allowing unprecedented relationships to form between governments and health plans.

Step 9:
system expansion

Politicians pass the Affordable Care Act requiring EVERYONE to buy health insurance so that they can use your premium dollars to give away free health care, essentially expanding Medicaid.

final step:

The end game is socialized medicine. The government enacts legislative control over the entire healthcare system overpowering insurance companies and hospitals with absolute price control and healthcare rationing.

final step:

The end game is socialized medicine. The government enacts legislative control over the entire healthcare system overpowering insurance companies and hospitals with absolute price control and healthcare rationing.

the Players

Consider These Stats The Next Time You Pay Your Insurance Premium
(Or The Next Time You Are Denied Coverage)

chart of Health Insurance CEO average compensation, Cigna, United, Anthem, Humana 2018

There Are ZERO Price Controls For Hospitals. In fact, “non-profit” Hospitals purposely inflate healthcare prices beyond what anyone can afford, so that they can appear to be losing money and in turn collect money from the government for “uncompensated care”.

The next time you get a complicated, over-inflated hospital bill think about this…
Hospital lawsuit chart showing CEO salary, lawsuits against patients, and bankruptcies caused by healthcare bills


Non-Profit Hospitals Sue
for garnished wages


for-Profit Hospitals Sue
for garnished wages


government Hospitals Sue
for garnished wages

Hospitals are marking up their bills 2-23% MORE than what Medicare would pay for the exact same procedure.

The current level of government control over the healthcare system is still not enough for a cohort of Washington bureaucrats who are pushing to socialize health insurance, rob Americans of any choice in their own care, and put the well-being of patients in the hands of the government.

The end game is a complete government takeover of healthcare that will force nearly 180 million Americans with private health insurance into government-run plans.

Americans will face the threat of losing their doctor and any choice in their own care. Even the proposals that still include private insurance will only help the wealthiest Americans.

A government takeover of healthcare will divert resources away from seniors, who have paid into the system their whole lives.

Our Core Values


On pricing and the actual benefits and coverage of our plans

Affordable Access:

Making sure that people have access to affordable solutions other than major medical


We believe families have enough relational and financial challenges without adding the stressful costs of healthcare to the list. We want to put as much money back into family's checkbooks as we can


On-going support for our customers all year long to help with their benefit utilization

Activism & Education:

We want to provide our clients and partners with the information and tools they need which will give them power and control over their healthcare spending

Corporate Partnerships:

We believe in partnerships because we need allies to accomplish change on national level...and they need us

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