A Nationwide Movement To Take Back Control Of
The American Healthcare System Is Already Well Underway.

Individuals, Families, Employers, Doctors, Innovators And Even Some Legislators Are Working Together To Bring You Transparent And Affordable Healthcare Solutions.

At Revolt Healthcare we are supporting that movement by educating consumers on the health indemnity plan option. The health indemnity plan is designed to not only help you cover your healthcare costs but also to protect your income. When you are in a time of need and dealing with a health crisis the last thing you need to worry about is money and how you will pay for your medical bills.


Health Indemnity plans serve to protect your income because anytime you don’t use all of your benefits you receive what’s called an “excess indemnity” benefit. Other insurance companies and major medical plans get to keep the money from your unused benefits. At Revolt Healthcare, we give you back what is yours.