Verity Insurance Solutions Joins The Revolt Healthcare Alliance

Revolt Healthcare & Verity Insurance Solutions Partner to Offer Affordable Health Insurance

FRISCO, Texas March, 16th 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Revolt Healthcare Alliance PLLC today announced a strategic alliance with Verity Insurance Solutions, owned by husband & wife team: Robert Klusmeyer & Adrienne Escobar. This alliance will allow Verity Insurance Solutions, to now offer affordable comprehensive healthcare plans to their customers.


“Before joining the Revolt Healthcare Alliance, we were policyholders. We were astonished at the quality and attainable coverage that was truly available for my family and me. By offering this affordable product there is no better way to serve my current and future customers.” says Adrienne Escobar.


The two companies are uniting around an innovative health indemnity plan that provides better and more affordable coverage than most health insurance plans available on the market. The health indemnity plan offers customers the protection of always having their medical costs paid based on a pre-determined and fixed amount so a customer is always going to know what their plan benefit is in before they use it. Customers don’t ever have to pay a deductible either unless they actually have to stay overnight in the hospital. That means customers can go to the doctor, get labs, x-rays and receive other out-patient services as soon as they buy the policy. There are also no co-pays or co-insurance.


For example: when Sarah,* a teacher living in Carrolton, TX, enrolled in her Teachers Health Care Plan, she was shocked to see that she was paying nearly $1,300 per month for her family of 5 to have health insurance.


She knew there had to be a better way to get her family’s healthcare covered. They researched ACA plans, as well as religious MediShare plans. They quickly discovered that these options were either just as expensive as their current TRS Health plan or completely lacking the benefits they needed.


Finally, they were introduced to Revolt Healthcare Alliance and were able to get the blend of cost and benefits they had been looking for in a private health insurance alternative.


Today they are paying only $521 per month for Matt and their 3 children to have healthcare coverage outside of Sarah’s Teachers health plan.


Verity Insurance Solutions joining the Revolt Healthcare Alliance is about so much more than just offering a superior health insurance plan and protecting their customer’s finances. It’s about joining together in a nationwide alliance with other like-minded businesses to question the status quo of the predatory practices entrenched in the healthcare system. It’s also about educating people to leverage their consumer spending power to demand better from lawmakers, hospitals and private insurers.


(*Sarah's name was changed to protect her privacy.)





The Revolt Healthcare Alliance sells health indemnity plans and supplementary products underwritten by Philadelphia American Life Insurance, a wholly-owned insurance subsidiary of New Era Life Insurance Company. The company is focused specifically on selling health indemnity plans as an alternative to major medical Affordable Care Act plans. The company has 143 agents in 23 states serving individuals, families, the self-employed and small business owners.



We are a health/property and casualty agency that believes in offering only the best service and coverage for our customers.  With this product in addition to our others, there is no risk we cannot cover.





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