Not All Indemnity Plans are Equal

The healthcare market is awful. Major Medical is a terrible solution for most of our clients. And as you already know it’s very un-rewarding both professionally and financially.

As such, we’ve done exhaustive research and have concluded that the Health Indemnity plans we offer have the most dollar coverage and least limited benefits of any health indemnity plan on the market. (If you believe you have a plan with better coverage at a better price by all means let us know.)

Our plan rivals and exceeds major medical coverage for about 80% of the population.

If you want to finally feel good about selling healthcare coverage your clients can actually use, and you want them to refer their family, friends and associates without even having to ask them, then contact us.

We offer the best healthcare coverage available at the best price.


Be in the Know

In 1995, 74% of employers offered their employees health indemnity plans. Then the government doubled down on managed care and HMOs and PPO’s became the norm creating the enormous financial burden employers carry today.

As a HR professional you’ve no doubt been tasked with finding ways to improve, manage and reduce healthcare costs.

If you are looking for a smart, effective way to increase your employee benefits while reducing both your company and employee costs then look no further.

We are here to educate you on a better way to offer coverage that your employees will actually appreciate and be excited about.

Contact us for a no pressure call or appointment where you can learn more about the re-emergence of health indemnity plans.


Provide More Value for Your Members

The U.S. department of labor is expanding access to healthcare through association health plans making it easier for businesses to band together in “associations” to buy health insurance.

You can solve one of the biggest problems facing your members by offering them a comprehensive private label healthcare plan at an affordable rate.

Benefits of offering a private label health plan to your members include:

•Increased Member Satisfaction

•Increased Member Retention

•Revenue generation from royalties every time a member signs up for the plan

Contact us for a no pressure call or appointment where you can learn more about the benefits of offering a private label health plan.


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