Concierge Membership*

Concierge Membership*

Protecting your health and Finances through patient advocacy,
surprise bill negotiation, pre-pricing procedures, and mORE

*1. Concierge Patient Advocacy services are not an insurance product.
2. The concierge service is considered a voluntary product.
3. The price of the service is not bundled with your insurance premiums and is collected separately by Revolt Healthcare Alliance.

Real People, With Real Savings

*Names & Photos were changed per HIPAA requirements

Year-Round Support
To Use Your Benefits

surprise bills

Think you’re being overcharged?
Send your bill to our Concierge team. They will highlight any suspicious charges and negotiate on your behalf.


Our Concierge team will find out what your preferred provider will charge for your care and provide alternatives, if they charge above your benefit amount.

File Claims
With Insurance

To get money back from your plan, you’ll sometimes need to file claims. Our Concierge team makes it easy, by collecting your information and filing your claims for you!
“$52,000 Knee Surgery?!”
“When Tyler's Doctor recommended knee surgery, his parents were shocked by the $52,000 estimate they received - and rightfully so, since that price is nearly 13x the national average!

Their Concierge Specialist found two alternatives. One facility was $4,994. The other was $3,700. Both of these quotes are now consistent with national averages!

By choosing either of these options, Tyler's surgery will be completely covered AND they will also be getting money back!
*Name was changed to protect privacy.”
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“$2,200 Cash-Back!?”
"In 2020, I had to get my 3 year colonoscopy (my mother died of colon cancer at 50, so I get them every 3 years now). My husband was due for his 5-year colonoscopy, so we scheduled a "double date" to get our procedures

After a quick call to Concierge, they explained exactly what to do and guided us through the claim process, what money we should expect to pay and what funds we would get BACK, after our procedures.

Yes, you read that correctly, we got BACK after our colonoscopies..."
- Juli from Dallas
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How to use your concierge Membership

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Request Concierge

Before you see a doctor, request Concierge services through our Customer Portal. Our Concierge team will help you find highly rated providers and facilities in your area, as well as pre-price your healthcare, so that you have an estimate of what your procedure will cost.

In case of an emergency, always seek medical attention first.
After you receive care, our team will help you file claims, apply your benefits, and negotiate any surprise or inflated bills.

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Consult with your
concierge expert

After you’ve submitted your concierge request through our Customer Portal, one of our experts will contact you. They will ask questions about your unique situation and provide guidance on how to use your benefits.

If you need pre-pricing or to file a claim, they will collect all the information they need and give you status updates along the way.

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Communicate with
your concierge expert

Whether you’re pre-pricing your healthcare or filing a claim, communication is key.

Let your Concierge Expert know when you receive a bill or if you have to seek additional care. Your Concierge Expert will in-turn communicate with you on the status of your requests until they are completely resolved.

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Your Case

Everyone’s situation is different and while we cannot predict how long it will take to resolve your particular case, you can rest assured that your Concierge Expert will be with you every step of the way!

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Request concierge support

Your Concierge Team will pre-price procedures, negotiate predatory bills, and file claims on your behalf. 

For support finding doctors in-network, please reach out to your agent.

Free Health Insurance Shopping Checklist by Revolt Healthcare Alliance Frisco, Texas

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Free Health Insurance Shopping Checklist by Revolt Healthcare Alliance Frisco, Texas

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