How Tyler’s Family Pre-Priced His Knee Surgery And Saved Big!

October 11, 2022


Pre-Priced knee surgery and saved big!

When Tyler’s* Doctor recommended knee surgery, his parents were shocked by the $52,000 estimate they received – and rightfully so, since that price is nearly 13x the national average cost for such a surgery!

Their Concierge Specialist was able to find two alternative options for Tyler’s knee surgery.

One facility was in their local community and only $4,994. The other facility was a few cities over and only $3,700.

Both of these quotes are now consistent with national average pricing for this type of knee surgery for a child!

By choosing either of these new options, Tyler’s parents will not only have this surgery completely covered by Revolt Healthcare Alliance Health insurance but they will also be getting money back!

Bottom Line: Patients should always check what the national average price for their procedure is and then shop for the best facility prices! If you’re a Revolt Healthcare Alliance client, simply visit our Policy Holder resources, to request that a Concierge Specialist pre-price your procedure for you!

*Name was changed to protect privacy.

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