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Devolution Healthcare:

The Thriving Parallel Healthcare Economy

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Discover how employers are leaving the Traditional healthcare system to offer their employees more affordable, quality healthcare in the Devolved Parallel healthcare Economy.

What Industry Leaders Are Saying About Devolution Healthcare:

Traditional Healthcare Economy, Revolt Healthcare Alliance

The US Healthcare System Isn't Broken.

It's Working Perfectly For The People Who Designed It...

Discover the true structure of the American healthcare system, that reveals a landscape designed to primarily benefit lobbyists, pharmaceutical giants, and insurance carriers – often at the expense of your health and finances. 

The solution that allows employers and individuals to break free of this system, has grown right under our noses over the last two decades. 

3 key markets have come together to provide a thriving alternative – exactly like Uber, AirBnB, and Crypto grew parallel to their traditional industry counterparts.

3 Key Markets Drive Devolution Healthcare:

Enhanced Health
Indemnity Plans

Individuals + Employers Are Replacing Major Medical With Enhanced Supplemental Plans...
An Enhanced Health Indemnity plan provides comprehensive benefits at a price-point that is 40%-50% less than a traditional ACA or Major Medical plan. When paired with a Concierge Patient Advocate the savings from pre-pricing your healthcare are even greater.

Health Plans

Cutting Employer Costs With Freedom Of Choice And A Customized Approach...
Employers have experienced a 29% average cost reduction in just their first year of using an E-Powered Performance Plan, as well as an average cost reduction of $6,000 per employee compared to the national average.

The Healthcare
Subscription Model

Larger Employers Save More By Offering Employees Direct Primary Care (DPC)...
Direct Primary Care has grown exponentially and it is a rich benefit that provides for unlimited doctors visits (in-person, virtual, and urgent) for a low-monthly fee and no out of pocket costs. Savvy employers have increased their sponsorship of DPC memberships for their employees by over 241% over the last 4 years.

Patients Gain The Power To Choose

In the Devolution Healthcare Economy savvy brokers are building devolved networks that eliminate the need for a PPO, EPO, or HMO.

Giving you more choices with your own, customized network. 

Employers are saving the most in this Devolution Healthcare Economy by working with a skilled broker, who can setup this kind of network for their employees!

Devolved Network Model, Revolt Healthcare Alliance

Are You A Part Of Devolution Healthcare?

Are you offering healthcare plans, broker services, patient services, price transparency, cash-pay, healthcare subscription services, or medical care outside the traditional healthcare system? 

We want to feature you!

We are building a national network to connect individuals and employers to the Devolution Healthcare Economy, so that they can opt-out of the traditional system and opt-in to affordable, patient-centric care!

Meet The Author:

Meet Our Contributing Authors:

Meet The Author:

Mark Gieger, Revolt Healthcare Alliance

Mark Geiger

Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Revolt Healthcare Alliance, Inc

Mark’s Devolution journey began in 2020, when his best friend, Gary, was diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer. Gary had an Enhanced Health Indemnity Plan and not only were his medical bills paid, but he also received over $59,000 in “excess indemnity” checks to spend however he needed. 

In the months after Gary’s passing, Mark researched indemnity plans, as well as the overall US healthcare system, and concluded that his next mission would be advocating for and educating individuals, families, and corporations on how to get more affordable, quality healthcare coverage. 

After leaving his position at the 3rd largest health insurance company in the US, he co-founded Revolt Healthcare Alliance and never looked back.

Our Contributing Author:

Zak Holdsworth, Hint Health CEO

Zak Holdsworth

Co-Founder & CEO of Hint Health

Zak Holdsworth is a health tech entrepreneur who co-founded Hint Health (, the leading tech company focused on the growth and success of the direct primary care movement, a provider-led movement that is driving transformative improvements in cost, quality, and outcomes while improving patient and provider satisfaction.

Prior to this, Zak was a Vice President at WellnessFX, a direct-to-consumer clinical diagnostics and telemedicine company, and a venture capitalist at Voyager Capital.

Zak completed his MBA at Stanford University and has an Electrical Engineering undergraduate degree from Canterbury University in New Zealand. Zak loves kite surfing and adventure sports.

Our Contributing Author:

David Contorno, CEO of E-Powered Benefits

David Contorno

Founder & CEO of E-Powered Benefits

David began his career as a teenager in New York and, over the span of more than 20 years, has become a leading expert in employee benefits for employers and peers across the nation.

With sights firmly set on enacting positive change, in 2018 David created E-Powered Benefits; a benefit consulting firm with a clearly defined mission to deliver an entirely different healthcare and benefit purchasing experience based on complete transparency.

Starting with fee-only consulting, David provides a free market healthcare environment alongside astounding cost savings to employers and employees.

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Devolution Healthcare Cover Mock-up 2023

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