Mark J. Geiger

Healthcare Reform Activist, Author, & Visionary Speaker

Mark Geiger is a seasoned author, visionary speaker, and a driving force behind the Revolt Healthcare Alliance.

Rooted in the profound understanding of the transformative power that is found at the intersection of faith, well-being and corporate responsibility, Mark uses his life experience, education and unbridled passion to challenge individuals and organizations to pursue a spirit of excellence in everything they do for the benefit of others.

Discover how employers are leaving the traditional healthcare system to offer their employees more affordable, quality healthcare in the Devolved Parallel healthcare Economy.

| Public Speaker

As a dynamic and engaging speaker, Mark captivates audiences with his thought-provoking insights and passionate deliveries.

Embark on a journey of inspiration and transformation with Mark as he shares his personal, business and economic insights, challenges the status quo, and most importantly empowers individuals and corporations to take back control of their healthcare costs.

| Healthcare Reform Activist

As a Managing Partner and Co-founder of the Revolt Healthcare Alliance, Mark is at the forefront of a national initiative to reshape the US healthcare system.

With a vision of patient-centric care and holistic well-being, he challenges traditional norms and advocates for a more transparent, affordable, and easily accessible healthcare system.

Devolution Healthcare:
A Thriving Parallel Healthcare Economy

Mark Geiger with Leaders of New Era
Mark is recognized as an industry leader in the supplemental insurance market.

| Entrepreneur

Mark Geiger co-founded the Revolt Healthcare Alliance in 2020 as part of his strategy and commitment to transform the US healthcare system so that it works for all Americans.

Prior to founding Revolt Healthcare Alliance, Mark owned and operated health clubs for twelve years before transitioning to the health insurance industry where he served at one of the nation’s largest health insurance carriers, as a product and business analyst for eight years developing robust business cases, including the delivery of a $10M digital coaching platform. He also designed the number one utilized program on the organization’s app, launched on Samsung products and in the Google play store with over 500K downloads and 3K-4K users daily.

| Author

As a writer, Mark is well-known and has been published as a regular and guest contributor for prominent publications distributed regionally and nationally.

With a Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology and a discipline in Corporate Wellness, Geiger is known for his groundbreaking book, A Physical Walk with God.

In his book he shares the profound connection between faith and the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. His words serve as a roadmap for individuals seeking a harmonious balance between their faith and physical well-being.

"A Physical Walk with God is not just a book. It's a discipleship program. It's rare for a bible study to be able to doctrinally and theologically combine the teachings of Christ in such a way that an individual's spiritual, emotional and physical health as well as their environment are so positively affected for the Kingdom of God."
- Dr. Tony Evans
National leader, philosopher, theologian and social activist who can be seen and heard daily in over 40 countries through radio/television broadcasts.
"Your book made me cry in a good way. Every emotional and spiritual issue that a person faces in trying to lose weight and become healthier is addressed in this book. I wish I'd had it with me on the show."
- Tracey Yukich
NBCs Season 8 Biggest Loser Contestant & Motivational Speaker
"A Physical Walk with God by Mark Geiger does a great job in giving us a unique perspective on the union and importance of the connection between the physical and spiritual. I particularly enjoyed reading practical advice on the healing powers of exercise and how it relates to overall health."
- Dr. Tom Diaz
Co-author of Dr. Phil's book, "The Ultimate Weight Solution"

| Personal Life

Mark Geiger Family
Husband & Father
Mark Geiger with Dog, Eleanor
Dog Dad

Mark lives in Dallas Fort Worth with his wife and daughter.  Aside from his passion for business, Mark volunteers at his local church and is an avid weightlifter. And for a guy who didn’t want a dog, he sure loves Ms. Eleanor.

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Free Health Insurance Shopping Checklist by Revolt Healthcare Alliance Frisco, Texas

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