Samantha M McHone, Chief Marketing Officer of Revolt Healthcare Alliance

Samantha M. McHone

Chief Marketing Officer

Samantha McHone joined the Alliance as the Chief Marketing Officer in January of 2020. She oversees the public messaging and marketing strategy, as well as internal communications for Revolt Healthcare Alliance. Samantha is directly responsible for Revolt’s digital lead capture strategy, website design, and brand management, as well as the social media marketing, public relations, paid and print advertising strategy. She also defined and designed the Revolt Healthcare Alliance brand style, logo, and messaging when they launched.

She takes great pride in representing a company that truly seeks to protect and empower consumers to take back control of their healthcare. 

Prior to joining the Alliance, Samantha was a successful entrepreneur, owning and operating her own strategic branding & graphic/website design company. She has over a decade of experience working with companies from construction to cosmetics, to define their brand and communicate their message clearly to their audience. 

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