Before and After Obamacare: The Expanding Empire of Healthcare Giants

July 10, 2024


Health Insurance Industry Before and After Obamacare

In the decade since the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare, went into effect, the landscape of the health insurance industry has transformed dramatically.

While the ACA aimed to make healthcare more accessible, it has inadvertently favored a select few industry giants, allowing them to amass unprecedented wealth and influence.

The Impact of ACA on Healthcare Titans

Since the ACA’s implementation, major players like UnitedHealth Group, CVS Health, and Cigna have seen their revenues soar, consolidating their power and reducing competition in the marketplace.

These companies have benefited immensely from the new regulations, which have often acted as barriers for smaller competitors.

Thanks to Obamacare Health insurance titans gained wealth

The Explosive Growth of Healthcare Revenues:

UnitedHealth Group:

From $110.6 billion in 2013 to $371.62 billion in 2023, rising from the 51st to the 4th spot on the Fortune 500 list.

CVS Health:

Including the acquisition of Aetna, CVS Health's revenue grew from $2.1 billion (Aetna in 2013) to $357.77 billion, moving up from the 304th (Aetna) to the 6th position. A true Cinderella story under CVS’s umbrella (but of course, Cinderella earning over $2 billion in this story)!


Saw an increase from $29.1 billion to $195.26 billion, advancing from 393rd to 16th place.

This staggering growth highlights how the ACA has funneled revenue directly into the pockets of these industry giants, solidifying their dominance and making it nearly impossible for smaller companies to compete, and for 500,000 households with health insurance to keep their homes and small savings, year after year all due to medical bills. Ironic, isn’t it?

The Downfall of Smaller Competitors

While these healthcare behemoths have thrived, many smaller competitors have struggled or disappeared altogether. The ACA’s complex regulations and compliance costs have created barriers that smaller companies simply cannot overcome.

This has led to a consolidation of power and revenue among a select few, stifling market diversity and competition.

Smaller health insurance Companies cant compete

Examples of the Impact:

Anthem (now Elevance Health):

While unranked before ACA, it has surged to a revenue of $171.34 billion and now holds the 20th position on the Fortune 500 list.


From being unranked pre-ACA, it now boasts $153.99 billion in revenue and sits at the 22nd spot.

Molina Healthcare:

Another unranked company pre-ACA, Molina now has a revenue of $34.07 billion and ranks 128th.

This consolidation has not only driven up revenues for these giants but also allowed them to leverage their influence to maintain a favorable regulatory environment.

This often comes at the expense of consumer choice and market fairness.

The Revolt Healthcare Alliance: A Beacon of Hope

Amidst this monopolistic trend, Revolt Healthcare Alliance emerges as a beacon of hope, offering innovative, consumer-friendly healthcare solutions. Unlike traditional major medical plans, Revolt’s products are designed to provide comprehensive coverage without the bureaucratic red tape and exorbitant costs.

Our Solutions Include:

The Revolt Health Network:

A groundbreaking direct-to-consumer service bundle that includes at-cost prescriptions, free outpatient labs, virtual care, and concierge patient advocacy. This service complements any existing health insurance plan, helping consumers manage their healthcare needs more efficiently and affordably.

Enhanced Health Indemnity Plans:

Our longstanding plan that not only protects against catastrophic events but also offers coverage through a combination of Critical Illness, Specified Disease, and Accident plans. This comprehensive approach provides peace of mind at half the price of major medical plans.

Confirming the Findings in the Devolution Whitepaper

The revelations discussed here align with the findings in our recently published Devolution Whitepaper, which provides an in-depth analysis of the healthcare industry’s evolution. The whitepaper underscores the urgent need for alternative solutions like Revolt to counteract the monopolistic tendencies fueled by the ACA.

We urge everyone to download the Devolution Whitepaper to gain a deeper understanding of these issues and see how Revolt Healthcare Alliance is leading the charge in redefining healthcare access and affordability.

Top Frequently Asked Questions:

How Does Obamacare Work?

Obamacare, formally known as the Affordable Care Act (ACA), aimed to increase access to healthcare by mandating insurance coverage and expanding Medicaid. However, its implementation consolidated power among a handful of large insurance companies. This concentration of power made it difficult for smaller entities to compete, limiting consumer choice and innovation in the healthcare market. As a result, Obamacare's impact on competition and affordability has been debated, with critics arguing it favored corporate interests over broader market dynamics and consumer options.

How Did Obamacare Create Big Medicine?

Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act (ACA), aimed to extend coverage and control costs by incentivizing consolidation among healthcare providers and insurers. This push led to the formation of large healthcare networks and insurance conglomerates, concentrating power in fewer hands. These mega-entities gained leverage in negotiating prices and terms, often squeezing out smaller competitors and reducing consumer choice. The result was a healthcare landscape where large corporations dominated, limiting competition and innovation, despite ACA's goals of expanding access and affordability.

What Does Obamacare Cover?

Obamacare, formally known as the Affordable Care Act (ACA), mandates that insurance plans cover essential health benefits like hospitalization, prescription drugs, and preventive services. However, the implementation of the ACA inadvertently strengthened the market position of large insurance companies, who wield significant influence over coverage options. This concentration of power has shaped what Obamacare covers, often favoring services and treatments that are financially beneficial to these corporations.

Join The Revolt Today!

The ACA has undeniably transformed the healthcare landscape, creating a more challenging environment for smaller competitors and concentrating power among a few large corporations.

However, Revolt Healthcare Alliance stands firm as a solution, offering innovative and affordable healthcare services that cater to all Americans.

Join us in our mission to spread the word of how the new parallel healthcare economy is completely disintermediating the traditional healthcare economy that is rigged against consumers.

Download our Devolution Whitepaper and see how you can be a part of the revolt. 

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Free Health Insurance Shopping Checklist by Revolt Healthcare Alliance Frisco, Texas

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