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Healthcare Concierge:
Protecting your health and finances

Concierge service has saved families an average of:

$3,664.17 Per Case!


Concierge service gives you year-round support to:

Negotiate Surprise
Medical Bills

Pre-Plan & Pre-Price Procedures,
Prescriptions, Labs, & imaging

Coordinate Care For
Complex Medical Issues

Schedule Appointments
& Procedures

File Claims
With Insurance

Find In-Network
Doctors, Hospitals, & MORE

Faded Quotes

$52,000 Knee Surgery!?

When Tyler's* Doctor recommended knee surgery, his parents were shocked by the $52,000 estimate they received - and rightfully so, since that price is nearly 13x the national average cost for such a surgery!


Their Concierge Team was able to find two alternative options for Tyler's knee surgery. One facility was in their local community and only $4,994. The other was a few cities over and only $3,700. Both of these quotes are now consistent with national averages!


By choosing either of these new options, Tyler's parents will not only have this surgery completely covered by insurance but they will also be getting money back! *Name was changed to protect privacy.

Solves Your Top 3 Healthcare Problems:

1. What Is This Bill For?

About 7 out of 10 Americans with Health Insurance have received a surprise medical bill.


Concierge Service negotiates on your behalf to lower those bills or have them dismissed entirely!

2. How Much Will This Procedure Cost?

Healthcare is the only service that you're expected to purchase before knowing the price. Concierge Service solves this problem by pre-pricing your procedures, so that you know exactly what it will cost and how much money you can expect back from your Health Insurance!

3. Who Is In My Network?

Going to an out-of-network provider can be a costly mistake.


When patients utilize Concierge Service, they will be directed only to providers inside their network.

No Claim is too big or too small

*Names have been changed to maintain HIPAA privacy laws.
Faded Quotes

$44,360 for a Hysterectomy!?

It was estimated that the cost was going to be $44,360.84, her out of pocket would be anywhere from $21,000 - $32,000 and that is with her plan paying anywhere from $16,543.41 - $21,043.41, depending on her hospital stay duration.


Paris, Texas, doesn't have many surgery facility options, so Sandy's Concierge Agent reached out to the Surgery Center of Oklahoma. They quoted $11,900 for the initial consultation, facility fee, surgeon fee, and anesthesia!


Bottom Line: Instead of Sandy having to pay $20,000-$30,000, she is actually going to be putting money in her pocket!


Sandy will have her procedure COVERED and will RECEIVE $3,200!

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Faded Quotes

"In 2020, I had to get my 3 year colonoscopy (my mother died of colon cancer at 50, so I get them every 3 years now). My husband was due for his 5-year colonoscopy, so we scheduled a "double date" to get our procedures.


After a quick call to Mark, he explained exactly what to do and guided us through the claim process, what money we should expect to pay and what funds we would get BACK, after our procedures.


Yes, you read that correctly, what we got BACK after our colonoscopies..."

- Juli from Dallas