New TRS Healthcare Alternative Helps Texas Teachers Save More Money

July 10, 2022


NEW TRS Health Plan Alternative

When Sarah,* a teacher living in Carrolton, TX, enrolled in her TRS Healthcare plan (Teachers Healthcare Plan), she was shocked to see that she was paying nearly $1,300 per month for her family of 5 to have health insurance.

She knew there had to be a better way to get her family’s healthcare covered.

She and her husband Matt, a self-employed financial advisor, started looking for alternatives to her TRS Health plan.

They researched ACA plans, as well as religious MediShare plans. They quickly discovered that these options were either just as expensive as their current TRS Health plan or completely lacking the benefits they needed.

Finally, they were introduced to Revolt Healthcare Alliance and were able to get the blend of cost and benefits they had been looking for in a private health insurance alternative.

Today they are paying only $521 per month for Matt and their 3 children to have healthcare coverage outside of Sarah’s Teachers health plan. Talking to a Revolt Healthcare Advisor, Sarah learned that her district contributed enough to her coverage, that she could stay on her TRS Health plan for just $19 per month.

Because her district did not contribute anything to her family’s portion of her health plan, switching her husband and 3 children to their own private health insurance saved them nearly $760 per month!

Sarah and her husband were thrilled to discover that less expensive doesn’t mean fewer benefits!

The benefits that her husband and 3 kids now enjoy, include: $0 co-pays on doctor’s visits, $0 deductibles (except on overnight hospital stays), and access to the largest PPO network of doctors in the country.

Under their new private insurance, they also receive 20 doctor visits per year, for each family member on the plan. (that’s a total of 80 doctor’s visits between her husband and 3 children per year!) 

The lower premium is like a “good-driver” discount for your health!

When asked how he felt about his new private health insurance, Matt said:

“I only wish we had discovered this alternative sooner! Being able to save over $700 a month and have better benefits then we had before, has been an absolute win-win for my family. I highly recommend that Texas teachers take a moment to speak with a Revolt Healthcare Advisor to review their options! We have been so pleased with our savings and our coverage!”

 *Name has been changed to protect her privacy.


Texas Teachers Don’t Have To Pay Outrageously High Premiums To Keep Their Families Insured.

Thanks to innovative new private insurance alternatives, Texas teachers can finally get better benefits, at a better price. To find out what kind of options are available to teachers in your district call: 1.855. REVOLT5 to speak with a trained health insurance advisor.

You will discover that Health insurance doesn’t have to be all-or-nothing and that a blended approach can often times get your family the best benefits at the right price.

Or see how much you could be saving now, by answering a few simple questions to get an instant quote: Free Instant Health Insurance Quote

Health Insurance is a big deal and you probably have some questions – Let’s answer some of them right now:

Does my entire family need to be on the same plan?

  • Absolutely, not. Every school district in Texas contributes a different pre-set amount to a teacher’s coverage, which can make health insurance relatively affordable for the teacher. However most districts do not contribute anything for the rest of the family’s coverage – which makes TRS Health very expensive for the family as a whole.

How much do school districts contribute to a teacher’s health insurance coverage?

  • There are two common district contribution cases: 50% and 100% of the teacher’s coverage.

It’s important to know that most districts only contribute to the teacher’s coverage.

This means that if the teacher has a spouse and/or children on their plan, the teacher is paying 100% of the cost to have the spouse and children on their plan. The spouse and children are essentially self-insured, even though they are listed on the Teachers health plan.

When should I consider switching from my TRS Healthcare plan to a private insurance option?

  • If your district pays 50% of the teacher’s portion and that teacher does not have a spouse or kids, the teacher can typically get better benefits at the same price as their current Teachers Health plan. (benefits like: $0 co-pays, $0 deductibles, access to the largest PPO network in the US, and 20 preventative care doctors visits per year)
  • If your district pays 50% of the teacher’s portion and that teacher does have a spouse and/or children, the teacher can expect to get better benefits at the same price as their Teachers Health plan, and also save 40%-50% on their spouse and/or children’s healthcare costs by switching them to private health insurance. (again, these are benefits like: $0 co-pays, $0 deductibles, access to the largest PPO network in the US, and 20 preventative care doctors visits per year, per individual on the plan)
  • If your district pays 100% of the teacher’s portion (districts like Frisco and Plano) and nothing for the rest of the family, the teacher can keep themselves on their TRS Health plan and save 40%-50% off their monthly premiums by switching the rest of the family to a private health insurance option. Family members on private health insurance will typically experience the same enhanced benefits listed above. ($0 co-pays, $0 deductibles, access to the largest PPO network in the US, and 20 preventative care doctors visits per year)

I have a condition that I’m currently being treated for, can I still switch plans?

  • It depends – most often the answer is yes! Talk to a Revolt Health advisor to discover your options and find the right fit for you (even is the right fit is staying put): 1.855.REVOLT5

Is there a cost or penalty to switch from a teacher’s health plan to private insurance?

  • Absolutely, not! There is no cost or penalty to remove family members or cancel your TRS Health plan.

Can I cancel or remove participants from my Teachers Health plan anytime during the year?

  • Unfortunately, no. You can only switch during your districts open enrolment period. (usually in the summer months)
  • NOTE: If you are leaning towards cancelling your TRS plan for yourself or family members, be sure that your new plan is active, before cancelling –your Revolt Healthcare Advisor can make sure your plans overlap correctly.

What if I end up hating my private plan and want to put my family back on a TRS plan?

  • Private health insurance typically has better benefits, a wider network of doctors, and a lower monthly premium, so it would be quite a surprise if you wanted to go back to your teachers health plan. However, if something changed and you did want to go back, you would need to wait until the next teachers Open Enrollment, which usually occurs during the summer months.
  • If you experience a “qualifying life event” you are sometimes allowed to change your coverage outside of the normal enrollment period.

This is a lot to take in – I’d like to have someone explain my options to me.

  • The average American spends just 18 minutes shopping for their healthcare benefits – it is so important to take the time to find the health care plan that is right for you and your family!
  • Our Healthcare Advisors are ready to help you find the balance of benefits and cost that is right for you – even if that means sticking with your current Teachers Health plan!


Give us a call at: 1.855.REVOLT5

Or see how much you could be saving now, by getting your: Free Instant Health Insurance Quote


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