Revolt Healthcare Alliance Announces Partnership With Farmers Insurance Agencies

August 18, 2021


REVOS Technology Will Allow Farmers Insurance Agents To Offer Healthcare Plans

FRISCO, Texas August 18th, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Revolt Healthcare Alliance PLLC a leading provider of health indemnity plans, announced that several Farmers Insurance agencies, based in North Texas, have joined the alliance.

“These agencies know that their customers deserve the best healthcare plan on the market, and they’ve found that option with our health indemnity insurance solution. The health indemnity plan is an accessible, benefits-rich alternative to the un-affordable and often un-usable major medical plans.” said Mark Geiger, co-founder and Managing Partner of Revolt Healthcare Alliance.

With the REVOS technology stack, these Farmers Agencies, now have access to a turn-key marketing, sales, and team building platform. Each step of a customer’s journey is outlined and tracked inside the REVOS platform, so that agents can simply follow the steps to help their customers get the healthcare coverage they need.

Ben Jones, Co-Founder of Revolt Healthcare Alliance, stated, “Our proven sales process has been built into the REVOS platform. This helps new agents learn the process they need to start closing customers quickly. And our digital marketing tools give them the power to start filling their pipeline from day one.

These Farmers Agencies also now have access to Revolt University. This learning management system goes hand-in-hand with the REVOS tech stack, providing educational content, as well as access to marketing and tech support to help them get up-to-speed quickly.

Revolt University is a key component of Revolt Healthcare Alliance’s nationwide, grassroots campaign to educate health insurance agents, P&C agents, HR professionals, and financial advisors on how the health insurance industry really works and how the health indemnity plan is uniquely suited to meet the real healthcare needs of the majority of their customers.

Agents and advisors are the best possible conduit for educating folks on how they can take back control of their healthcare costs using the health indemnity plan.” said Geiger.


The Revolt Healthcare Alliance sells health indemnity plans and supplementary products underwritten by Philadelphia American Life Insurance, a wholly-owned insurance subsidiary of New Era Life Insurance Company. The company is focused specifically on selling health indemnity plans as an alternative to major medical Affordable Care Act plans. The company has 143 agents in 23 states serving individuals, families, the self-employed and small business owners.



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