Revolt Healthcare Prepares for 2021 Open Enrollment with New Campaign

September 23, 2020


Revolt Healthcare To Reveal The “I’m Done!” Campaign

FRISCO, Texas September 23rd, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Revolt Healthcare Alliance PLLC announced the eminent launch of the “I’m Done!” advertising campaign. The release of the campaign is being timed with the 2021 Open Enrollment and was created to support the company’s commitment to leading a nationwide movement to take back control of the American healthcare system.

“The campaign is as simple as it sounds. Revolt Healthcare is calling on Americans nationwide to declare “I’m Done!” with The Un-Affordable Care Act.” said Mark Geiger, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of The Revolt Healthcare Alliance.

Developed in partnership with Tarragon Studios, LLC the campaign captures a general, restless societal sentiment, as Americans everywhere are questioning the government’s overreach in regard to the Covid-19 shutdown of commerce, education, church attendance, and sporting events – not to mention community and family gatherings. “Americans as a whole are just fed up with the overreach of career politicians, who want to control and dictate every area of our lives especially and including our healthcare options and choices.” said Geiger.

“When Revolt Healthcare Alliance approached us to build their campaign, our goal was to create a design that clearly communicated their rebel brand and how radically they are revolutionizing the health insurance industry.” said Samantha McHone, CEO of Tarragon Studios, LLC. “The Revolt Healthcare Alliance respectfully informs and educates Americans, calling for them to revolt by voting with their dollars and leveraging their purchasing power. It was a pleasure to join them in communicating their message.” said McHone.

In a lead up to the campaign, Revolt Healthcare has written a mini-manifesto for social media to remind Americans they still have power and they still have a choice. The mini-manifesto will not be Revolt branded in hopes that it will go viral as an inspiration for activism, as opposed to an advertisement that people may assume is from a company just trying to sell health insurance.

You may be planning to vote on November 3rd, but did you know that you’ll also be voting on November 1st? Open enrollment is the day that you get to vote with your dollars on the type of health insurance coverage you should have. Buying the same over-priced insurance as last year, is essentially voting for poor and predatory healthcare. A revolt is taking place across the country. Americans everywhere are questioning long established health insurance policies and practices. Join the revolt for better coverage at an affordable rate. We are here to fight for you, to ensure that you get the value your family deserves.

The Revolt Healthcare Alliance sells health indemnity plans and supplementary products underwritten by Philadelphia American Life Insurance, a wholly-owned insurance subsidiary of New Era Life Insurance Company. The company is focused specifically on selling health indemnity plans as an alternative to major medical Affordable Care Act plans. The company has 82 agents in 18 states serving individuals, families, the self-employed and small business owners.

Tarragon Studios’ mission is to provide entrepreneurs with the means to strategically brand their small business and set themselves up for success through brand, logo and website design.



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