The NEW Revolt Health Network: Save More With This Simple Healthcare Solution

May 10, 2024


The NEW Revolt Health Network simple Affordable healthcare solution
In today’s healthcare landscape, finding affordable and straightforward care remains a challenge for many Americans.

Hidden fees, perplexing billing practices, and escalating costs often discourage individuals and families from seeking necessary medical assistance. However, a new era is on the horizon with the Revolt Health Network, a revolutionary approach, designed to dismantle these barriers and redefine healthcare access.

The Revolt Health Network stands out by offering innovative, subscription-based healthcare solution that encapsulates all your basic healthcare needs into a single, affordable monthly fee.

This unique approach ensures that:

  • You gain immediate access to a suite of the most in-demand healthcare services without the traditional complications and delays of insurance.
  • You can manage your health costs predictively and transparently, making medical care accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial situation.

By transforming the convoluted healthcare process into a straightforward, user-friendly experience, the Revolt Health Network empowers you to take control of your health without the dread of unforeseen bills or the hassle of navigating complex insurance policies. Discover how Revolt is not just a service but a healthcare partner in our fight against the conventional, often predatory healthcare model.

What is Revolt Health Network?

The Revolt Health Network is designed for individuals and families who seek transparency, affordability, and simplicity in managing their healthcare. Here’s how Revolt stands apart from the conventional healthcare system:

Virtual primary care with the Network

Here's how the Network stands apart from the conventional healthcare system:

A Comprehensive Subscription-Based Model:

The Revolt Health Network introduces a groundbreaking subscription model that bundles your essential healthcare services into one affordable monthly fee. This model eliminates common hurdles, such as co-pays, deductibles, and unexpected medical bills. Members enjoy predictable healthcare spending, which allows better budget management and peace of mind.

Services Tailored to Daily Needs:

The comprehensive service bundle includes access to at-cost prescription drugs, unlimited telemedicine, and free Quest Labs for routine testing, all underpinned by our exceptional Concierge Patient Advocacy. These services have been meticulously chosen to cover the everyday healthcare needs of members, ensuring that they receive quality care promptly and efficiently.

Ease of Access and Management:

The Revolt Health Network prides itself on being user-friendly. Members can access a robust telemedicine portal that serves as the hub for medical consultations, lab orders, and prescription needs. This platform ensures that help is just a click away, effectively bringing the doctor’s office to your living room. Whether it’s a midnight flu onset or routine counseling sessions, help is available 24/7 without leaving your home!

The Revolt Health Network is committed to transforming how you experience healthcare, from reactive spending to proactive health management. It’s healthcare, reimagined to keep you in control and informed every step of the way.

Key Features of Revolt Health Network

The Revolt Health Network is built around a set of core features that address the most significant pain points in the traditional healthcare system. Each feature is designed to ensure affordability, accessibility, and simplicity, providing you with comprehensive healthcare solutions that fit your lifestyle.

The standout features that make the Revolt Health Network revolutionary:

At-Cost Prescription Drugs:

One of the most financially burdensome aspects of healthcare is the cost of medications. The Revolt Health Network tackles this head-on by offering access to at-cost prescription drugs. This service allows members to purchase over 4,000 generic prescription drugs at their actual manufacturer prices - significantly lower than retail.

For example, where Mark Cuban's Cost Plus Drugs might charge $6.80 for Lisinopril, members of the Revolt Health Network can purchase a 90 day supply of it for just $0.81. This stark difference in pricing sets Revolt apart, making essential medications more affordable for everyone.

At-Cost Prescriptions with Revolt Health Network

Free Virtual Primary Care, Urgent Care, & Counseling

In today's fast-paced world, accessibility to healthcare is a game-changer. The Revolt Health Network provides unlimited telemedicine services, allowing members to connect with licensed U.S.-based physicians and counselors anytime, anywhere. Whether it’s urgent care in the middle of the night or regular counseling sessions, our telemedicine service ensures that quality healthcare is just a video call away.

Members can even select their own virtual primary care doctor, so that they can work with the same provider, year after year. Their virtual primary care doctor will be able to seamlessly order their Quest labs and at-cost generic prescriptions. This feature not only saves time but also reduces the stress associated with scheduling and traveling to doctor’s appointments.

Free Quest Labs

Routine lab tests are a fundamental part of maintaining good health but can often be a hassle and expensive. Through our partnership with Quest Diagnostics, the Revolt Health Network offers free lab services at any Quest Lab location nationwide. Simply show your membership card, and your tests are covered without any additional out-of-pocket costs. This feature ensures that necessary health screenings are never neglected due to cost concerns.

Concierge Patient Advocacy

Navigating the healthcare system can be daunting, especially when it comes to understanding costs and managing medical bills. Our Concierge Patient Advocacy service provides year-round support to help members find the best costs for their doctor-ordered procedures, negotiate predatory medical bills, or even get those bills erased entirely. This personalized support demystifies the financial aspects of healthcare and protects members from predatory billing practices.

Smart Benefits With Smarter Pricing

The Revolt Health Network is committed to making healthcare affordable for all. With plans starting as low as $36/month for individuals and $60/month for families, you and your loved ones can enjoy comprehensive healthcare services without breaking the bank.

How Could The Network Support
Your Health & Budget?

The Case of Gabapentin:

Meet Theresa, a freelance graphic designer who suffers from chronic nerve pain. Her condition requires a steady supply of Gabapentin, a medication not available at Mark Cuban's Cost Plus Drugs, and which can cost between $19 and $23 for a 90-day supply elsewhere.

By joining the Revolt Health Network, Theresa gets her prescription at the manufacturer price of $4.41 for a 90 day supply - significantly lower than retail pricing. This cost-saving directly impacts her monthly budget, making her necessary medication affordable and consistently accessible.

Furthermore, with Revolt’s unlimited telemedicine, Theresa schedules her quarterly checkups without leaving her home or paying extra, integrating seamlessly into her busy lifestyle. This not only saves her money on the medication but also on the cost and time associated with doctor's visits.

With or Without Insurance, You Still Save!

Meet John, an office manager with a high-deductible health insurance plan. Despite having insurance, John rarely meets his annual deductible, making most of his healthcare expenses out-of-pocket. He often avoids necessary lab tests and regular doctors visits due to cost concerns.

With the Revolt Health Network, John accesses free Quest lab services as part of his membership. This benefit alone saves him hundreds of dollars annually, as over 1,000 essential tests are covered without him needing to meet a deductible first.

Moreover, the Concierge Patient Advocacy ensures that John never overpays for any health-related services. When he needed an MRI, his patient advocate pre-priced the procedure at various locations, finding him a rate significantly lower than the average cost. They even negotiated the bill, further reducing his financial burden.

Those expert medical bill collectors who would be calling you to pay that bill, well, they work for us now, putting their in-depth knowledge of the medical billing system to work in your favor!

Members understand that it’s about more than just saving money; it’s about a more humane approach to healthcare where the system works for you, not against you.

Top Frequently Asked Questions:

What pharmacy has the cheapest prescriptions?

While traditional pharmacies often have varying prices for prescriptions, the Revolt Health Network provides a consistent, low-cost alternative. Our network allows members to access over 4,000 generic prescriptions at manufacturer costs, ensuring you always get the lowest possible prices without insurance. The best part is, members get their prescriptions delivered right to their door!

How much do lab tests cost?

Without insurance, lab tests can range from $108- $1,139. With the Revolt Health Network though, members get ALL their out-patient lab tests 100% free at any Quest Lab location!

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is virtual access to a doctor who can diagnose and treat you via phone or video chat. Members of the Revolt Health Network get their own telemedicine portal, where they can store medical records, book appointments with Urgent care or Telecounseling, and select their own virtual primary care doctor, who can order their Free Quest labs and at-cost prescriptions, directly from the Revolt Rx online pharmacy.

What is a patient advocate?

Patient advocates communicate with healthcare providers to help patients get the information they need to make informed decisions about their care. The Revolt Health Network patient advocates have additional training in medical billing practices and help patients pre-price their doctor-ordered procedures (MRI's, X-Rays, Surgeries, etc) and help patients negotiate predatory medical bills - They have been able to get many of these types of bills erased entirely!

START SAVING with the Revolt Health Network Today

Ready to take control of your healthcare costs and experience a new level of convenience and affordability? Joining the Revolt Health Network is simple, and the benefits are immediate. Whether you’re looking for a cost-effective complement to your existing health insurance or seeking a straightforward way to manage your healthcare expenses, the Revolt Health Network is designed to meet your needs.

Why Join?

  • Predictable Costs: Say goodbye to unexpected medical bills and confusing insurance deductibles. With the Revolt Health Network, you pay a flat monthly fee with no hidden charges.
  • Comprehensive Services: Access at-cost prescription drugs, unlimited telemedicine, free Quest Labs, and personalized Concierge Patient Advocacy—all under one subscription!
  • Flexibility and Convenience: Our services are accessible online, anytime and anywhere, providing you with healthcare that keeps up with your lifestyle.

How to Join?

  • Visit Our Website: Simply click on See Pricing to explore our plans. Once you find the plan that suits your needs, click on Join Now and fill out the necessary information.
  • No Health Questions Or Applications: Start using your benefits within 24 hours of signing up. There’s no application waiting period, so you can begin scheduling telemedicine appointments and ordering prescriptions right away.

Take the First Step Towards Better Healthcare

Don’t let another day go by worrying about how to afford or access quality, everyday healthcare. The Revolt Health Network is here to make healthcare simple, affordable, and accessible for everyone.

Sign up today to start enjoying the peace of mind that comes with having a reliable healthcare partner.

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