Revolt Healthcare Alliance Retains Flanagan Training Group For Agents

September 4, 2020


Revolt Healthcare Augments Agent Training Prior To 2021 Open Enrollment

PLANO, Texas September 4th, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Revolt Healthcare Alliance PLLC today announced that it retained the services of Flanagan Training Group.

“We couldn’t be more excited to announce we’ve retained the services of the Flanagan Training Group.” said Ben Jones, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of The Revolt Healthcare Alliance. “Bryan has dedicated 30 years of his professional life to the education and training of sales professionals and understands the tremendous value that our health indemnity plan will provide to Americans as we enter into the 2021 open enrollment season for health insurance.”

In its efforts to fight for every American who needs relief from over-priced health insurance premiums Revolt Healthcare Alliance is launching an offensive empowering their agents nationwide to educate families and U.S. companies on why they should say “I’m Done” with major medical health care plans and switch to a more affordable health indemnity plan with better benefits.

“As a trainer, speaker, coach and active participant in the sales industry for the past three decades, I have been honored to develop sales people among countless industries across the globe.” said Bryan Flanagan CEO of the Flanagan Training Group. “Never before have I been so excited about being a part of a sales initiative that has the potential to truly impact a nation like this one does. I’m looking forward to making sure the agents at Revolt Healthcare are further equipped with the right skills and the emotional quotient they will need as they lead the movement to transform the American healthcare system.”

The Revolt Healthcare Alliance sells health indemnity plans and supplementary products underwritten by Philadelphia American Life Insurance, a wholly-owned insurance subsidiary of New Era Life Insurance Company. The company is focused specifically on selling health indemnity plans as an alternative to major medical Affordable Care Act plans. The company has 82 agents in 18 states serving individuals, families, the self-employed and small business owners.

The mission of Flanagan Training Group is to educate, entertain, and encourage professionals toward greater success by enhancing the necessary skills and attitudes needed to achieve more meaningful results for themselves, their families, their clients, and their employers. As a trainer, speaker, and coach for 21 years with the Zig Ziglar corporation Bryan Flanagan has traveled 3,628,807 miles across the globe for 4,670 engagements to train over 745,144 professionals.



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