Staffing Fitness Joins The Alliance To Offer Health Insurance

October 26, 2020


Revolt Healthcare & Staffing Fitness Help Health & Fitness Industry By Lowering Health Insurance Costs

FRISCO, Texas October 26th, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Revolt Healthcare Alliance PLLC announced a strategic co-branding initiative with Staffing Fitness designed to improve marketing effectiveness of both company’s products and services across the Health & Fitness Industry as they reach out to help the hurting industry.

“Many industries have been decimated by the Covid-19 virus, but none more so than the health and fitness industry” said Mark Geiger, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of The Revolt Healthcare Alliance. “Having owned two health clubs over a 12-year period I understand how tough it is to run a club and the enormous expenses associated with providing health insurance coverage to employees. So, when Steve Stump approached us about the opportunity, we backed him wholeheartedly.”

Steve Stump, a relatively new agent at Revolt Healthcare is credited with brokering the deal between Revolt Healthcare and Staffing Fitness. “Stump’s relationship with Chris Weber and Xan Carr, both co-founders of Staffing Fitness, was the catalyst for getting this timely and synergistic agreement executed.” said Geiger.

Staffing Fitness has established itself as the premiere recruitment solution in the fitness space. Franchisors and franchisees from the biggest brands in fitness seek out Staffing Fitness to develop and build stronger teams from the studio/club level to their senior corporate team.

“When Steve educated Chris and I about the unique health insurance solutions Revolt Healthcare has access to, we knew right away there was synergy between our offering and theirs.” said Xan Carr, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Staffing Fitness. “Employee attrition is high in the fitness industry and by being able to not only place candidates, but also provide their new employers with a retention tool in the form of affordable health insurance, well, that’s a win for all parties involved.”

One of the unique aspects of Revolt Healthcare’s solutions is that they have medical underwriting and as such not everyone qualifies for their solution. Healthy people don’t use healthcare as much, and so less utilization drives down premium costs for everyone.

“Revolt Healthcare actually has a solution that rewards both employers and employees with lower insurance premiums based on their good health and ability to qualify for their solutions.” said Chris Weber Co-Founder of Staffing Fitness. “There’s not a better fit for health and fitness companies who are looking to reward their employees for their healthy lifestyles without breaking the bank.”

The co-branding initiative is set to kick off on November 1st in conjunction with the 2021 open enrollment where 23 million Americans will painstakingly be looking for an affordable health insurance solution that actually provides them with benefits they can actually use.


The Revolt Healthcare Alliance sells health indemnity plans and supplementary products underwritten by Philadelphia American Life Insurance, a wholly-owned insurance subsidiary of New Era Life Insurance Company. The company is focused specifically on selling health indemnity plans as an alternative to major medical Affordable Care Act plans. The company has 82 agents in 18 states serving individuals, families, the self-employed and small business owners.


We help employers find great people, and people find great jobs.

Health and wellness professionals are a diverse group with a wide range of skills and training, but we are united by a singular mission: to share our passion for health. We believe that by enriching the lives of others, we enrich our own lives.

Staffing Fitness is the trusted partner for health and wellness companies building first-rate teams, and an invaluable resource for job seekers preparing to take the next step in their careers.



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